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Government Contracts CLE (DVD)


The course is designed to provide valuable information to all practitioners interested in learning about Government Contracts and the legal implications related. The objectives will be to gain a basic understanding of how government contract formation has evolved and the main areas of law that come up with these types of contracts.

FL CLE approved for Florida continuing legal education:

Government Contracts CLE

The course is composed of four main topics:

  • Getting the company set up properly
  • Bid Protests
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Audit & Investigation

This course is designed for the practitioner who is interested in learning about helping individuals and businesses maneuver the complexities of government contracting. It opens the door to one of the most lucrative and abundant sources of employment in the nation.

Professor Sorett is the ultimate expert in this field with decades of experience of successful government contract legal practice. His very impressive resume only begins to describe the vast knowledge he has accumulated in this field. He shares this generously with CLE viewers to encourage them to partake of this underutilized revenue source in our state. Government contracting has changed the viability of millions of entrepreneurs and legal counsel is the very best source to open these doors.

CLE Credits

  • General: 1 Hour